Otter's Home

Current Pets

Our current pets, companions and overlords.

Waneta (elder fluffy)

(born February 2011)

Rescue from Friends of Felines

Waneta is a cute tabby (American shorthair) polydactyl (all four paws). Unusually, the extra toe merged into the duclaw so she instead has an extra long duclaw, making it much more thumb-like.

She is very gregarious. Within minutes of a new person entering the house, she will demand attention from them. She will absolutely steal your lap, or if you are reclined in any way it may be your chest instead.

She can be pretty whiny too.  :)

Liam (junior fluffy)

(born August 2018)

Rescue from Willamette Humane Society

We are pretty sure that Liam is at least mostly a Turkish Van.  He has all of the behavior patterns normal for them and has the look in spades.  All of the orange areas are actually orange tabby markings: on his head and back, his legs and his entire tail.

Liam reacts to loud noises and sudden movements (and anything that resembles a vacuum cleaner) by leaving the room.

He is a sweet, quiet cat (pretty sure his max volume is 2 out of 10 relative to most cats). He is not cuddly, but does like to be around people. He is, however, quietly insistent (especially about feeding time) and no one is allowed to be in the bathroom when he uses the litter box!

Ferrets (fuzzies)

Past carpet sharks and zoom weasels.

Coming soon.

Cats (fluffies)

Past fluffy water bottles and feline overlords.

Coming soon.