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Megaversal System

What do you know using it?

Rifts, Robotech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nightbane, Palladium Fantasy, Heroes Unlimited

The Megaversal System by Palladium Books originally started off as a "D&D our way" and has drifted a bit from its parent system.

Alternate Skill Progression System

Tired of everyone at third level having First Aid 72% except the Field Medic? What about the ex-paramedic gone computer hacker? Why does the 10th level Rogue Scholar have Dance 98% when he hasn't attempted it since 3rd level due to the love of his life being killed by a Coalition Soldier? The answer ... that isn't how it has to be. Allows use of a skill point style of raising skills so that characters can have a wide range of expertise or mediocrity in skill knowledge as would best fit their character concept. Doesn't require changes to any other part of the system.

New & Altered Skills

A new Skill category: Social Skills with information on integrating Trust/Intimidate and Charm/Impress checks with social skills. New skills to stretch your character's horizons. Click here to see the additions to perception and social interaction.

  • Social Interaction: Negotiation, Deception, Persuasion and Seduction
  • Social Perception: Empathy
  • Enhanced Perception: Investigation and Alertness

Nightbane Character Development

This is loosely based on the prompts in some of the World of Darkness games designed to get the player thinking about their change, Nightbane society and generally developing their past and personality.
Click here for Questions to prompt Nightbane character development

Robotech Additions

New O.C.C.s and mecha for Robotech games. Hand to Hand: Praxian and additional lores for Robotech II: Sentinels chronicle.