About Me...

"If we all don't hang together then we're just going to hang"
    -- BlackHappy, "Peghead"

What does ot-ter-pu-ka mean?

The Boring Stuff...

I was born in Salem, Oregon (it's the state capital for those of you who have never heard of it). I have lived here all my life and I like it, rain and all.

Hobbies I'm Good At

I am an artist. I prefer pencils, pens, and wax, but I have been known to do watercolor as well. For the past couple of years I have been practicing with color on the computer. My art consists of a mostly anime style and is usually fantasy or science fiction. You can find some of my art here.

I involve myself in a few role-playing games (White Wolf's World of Darkness, Palladium Book's Megaverse, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, and a couple of worlds of Suentis Po's or my creation ) and I narrate as often as not.

Hobbies I Just Do For Fun

Music. I love music. I've never been really good, but I have been ok with a lot. I play (in order of preference and skill) French horn, tuba, trumpet, flute, piano, and trombone. I also like to sing.

I take my hand at arranging music moderately often, and occasionally even compose my own. I like almost all kinds of music but tend to decide on a song for song basis. Computers. I build, troubleshoot, tweek, use and play with computers. I build computer systems for friends and relatives occasionally.

I collect things. I like good jazz, soundtrack, rock, anime, and other animation related MIDIs/MP3s/CDs. Cool fantasy, anime, and computer-generated graphics. I am also developing quite the DVD collection.

What I Do For A Living

Currently ... technical support. More specifically, technical support for a major access security company. I deal with modem communications, PDAs, electronic keys and keyboxes, and computer software. My resume is forthcoming.