The Resident Ferrets (Our Fuzzies)

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Ferret Crossing  

Theo -- MerChyld's Ferret

We purchased him at PetCo as a seven-week-old on October 6th, 2007.

He is a panda (white head, neck, belly and paws; also has splotches on the belly).

Thomas -- Otterpooka's Ferret

We purchased him at PetCo as a five-month-old on September 15th, 2007.

He is a cinnamon (typical ferret markings but a light reddish brown).

In Memory of Gonzo -- MerChyld's Ferret

We adopted him from the Oregon Ferret Shelter on August 28th, 2003. He was about eight years old when he passed away in November 2007.

He is a silver blaze mitt (white fur with black/grey at the tips, white face with silver on his forehead and solid white paws).

Gonzo -- MerChyld's Ferret

In Memory of Amaya -- House Ferret

We received her from a friend after the death of another ferret who had been her companion. She was initially suffering from depression at the loss of her companion and got along well with Aria and Gonzo. She fully recovered from her depression and her last few months were good ones. We are not sure of her age but she was younger than Aria and Gonzo were. We did not have her very long before she passed away due to adrenal disease.

She is a champagne (typical ferret markings but lighter than a cinnamon).

In Memory of Aria -- Otterpooka's Ferret

We adopted her from the Oregon Ferret Shelter on August 28th, 2003. She was about seven years old when she passed away on August 23, 2007 due to pancreatic cancer.

She is a hooded sable (typical ferret coloration and markings with a dark patch extending back from the face mask to the top of the head; dark brown).

She was initially easily startled but warmed up quickly to people. When we adopted her, she came with the name Smokey. As you can already guess, this would cause a fair amount of confusion (especially since our Smokey and this new one look a lot alike. While Smokey and Bandit were playing wiht the new fuzzies at the shelter we noticed that Aria chittered a lot, even when she wasn't dancing around or actively interacting with the other ferrets a lot. It was like she was perpetually singing ... so we called her Aria.

Aria -- Otterpooka's Ferret

In Memory of Bandit -- Gailedon and MerChyld's Ferret

Bandit passed away in January 2006 due to chewing the sqeeker out of a dog toy and swallowing it.

We adopted her in July 2000. She was about a year old when we adopted her.

Bandit is a cinnamon ferret (same markings as the sable but with a cinnamon color to the darker markings). She is a very intelligent and clever ferret. We have to re-arrange the room the ferrets play in occasionally just to keep up her interest and give her things to do when we are not in playing with them. Her favorite toys are an old terrycloth bathrobe (which she loves to tunnel through and be wrestled with through) and a crinkly sack that makes noise everytime it is moved.

Bandit was initially a very difficult ferret when we adopted her and Smokey. They had been rescued from an abusive home and it was obvious that she didn't trust anyone except Smokey. She initially would bite if given half an opportunity, and managed to bite me (Otterpooka) several times the first night.

We have worked with her, shown her that we care for her and will treat her well and she has warmed up to us a lot. She will now only nip occasionally and knows how much pressure to apply when nipping a bare hand or through various materials (pillow cases, bath towels, terry cloth, etc.) so that she does no harm. She has become a much more social ferret (we think having K.B. helped with that a lot as well). She loves people but doesn't warms up to strangers well.

Even while Smokey was still in the PetSMART Training Program, we started teaching Bandit some of the tricks we were learning and she picked them up faster than Smokey. She can now stand up on her hind legs, walk forward a short distance while on just her hind legs, come when called, and roll over.

Bandit -- Gailedon's Ferret

In Memory of K.B. -- MerChyld's Ferret

"K.B. the Ferret"

There was once a wild ferret named K.B.
Until somebody figured that maybe,
Treated just the right way,
He might turn out O.K.
Now, in behavior he's more like a baby.

by David E. Sawyer on April 2, 2002, My Title of Liberty

K. B. passed away at 2:00am November 6, 2002. He died of cancer (Lymphoma) and resulting liver, kidney, and spleen complications.

He came to the Oregon Ferret Shelter from a couple along with another ferret called Mickey. They had just moved and were boarding the two fuzzies with the shelter. After a month the owner of the shelter got suspicious that they were not planning on coming back for them ... she was right. The owner's girlfriend had brought them over. She could tell the owner wasn't wild about getting them back. They finally relinquished them to the shelter. The shelter had been having problems with K.B. picking on Mickey since he wasn't neutered so they neutered him. After that, Mickey felt he was on equal terms so gave K.B. a good dose of his own medicine. K.B. hasn't fought back since.

As a result of his previous owners lack of experience with ferrets and his not being fixed during the time they had him, he was named Killer Beast. Since his neutering and care at the shelter and our experiences we decided that it should instead stand for Kuddle Bear.

We had him for about a year (since October 2001) and he has been the most laid back, sweet ferret we've ever seen. He was about a year old when we adopted him. He got along well with Smokey and Bandit and even befriended the members of our household that do their best to avoid all of the pets.

At first glance K.B. would appear to be an albino or black-eyed white ferret but because his eyes are cranberry in coloration (instead of pink) and he actually has some dark fur on him (a small spot between his shoulderblades and peppered along his backbone towards his tail) he is referred to as a silver.

K.B. -- Mer Chyld's Ferret

In Memory of Smokey -- Otterpooka's Ferret

Smokey passed away Friday, May 12th, 2006 due to insulinoma (cancer of the pancreas).

We adopted her in July 2000. She was about a year old when we adopted her.

Smokey is a sable ferret. She is full of energy and will usually only hold still for a moment. Her favorite toys are a brush that has had it's soft rubber handle removed since she adopted it (so she doesn't end up eating any of the rubber) and any 2-liter bottle she can push around.

Smokey is a very sweet ferret (especially for having been rescued from abuse by Bandit's and her previous owners). She loves people and warms up to strangers very well.

She has received the Certificate of Achievement for the PetSMART Basic Education Training Program. She will now stand up on her hind legs, come when called, lay down flat on the floor (speedbump style) and roll over. She also served as a good distraction for the large dogs that made up the rest of the class.

Smokey -- Otterpooka's Ferret