Robotech Software

Character Creation Options

Alternate Zentraedi Character Creation

Removes the need for Zentraedi specific O.C.C.s

Alternate Skill Progression System

Allows use of a skill point style of raising skills so that characters can have a wide range of expertise or mediocrity in skill knowledge. Doesn't require changes to any other part of the system.

New & Altered Skills

A new Skill category: Social Skills with information on integrating Trust/Intimidate and Charm/Impress checks with social skills. New skills to stretch your character's horizons.

Occupational Character Classes

R.E.F. Medic O.C.C.

MEDIC!! What happened to the Field Medic in Robotech? Even in missions where mecha are primarily used, someone needs to be there to patch up the poor guy who's destroid sensor panel blew up in his face.

Tirolian Scholar O.C.C.

The most useful member of Tirolian society to the arriving members of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, the Tirolian Scholar is the person with the best answers to those things in the Tirolian Sector. Even better, they are wiling to learn more.

Skill & Combat Options

Hand to Hand Combat: Praxian Warrior

Praxian Combat is a no frills, well-balanced art that stresses defeating your enemy so they can't do damage to you. Training in Martial Art Powers is restricted to concentrate on physical improvement and face-to-face combat.

Optional Lores for a Sentinels chronicle

Additional skills providing more detailed knowledge of specific aspects of the worlds and aliens fo Robotech II: The Sentinels.

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