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Nightshade -- Apok from Wormwood

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Alternate Skill Progression System

Tired of everyone at third level having First Aid 72% except the Field Medic? What about the ex-paramedic gone computer hacker? Why does the 10th level Rogue Scholar have Dance 98% when he hasn't attempted it since 3rd level due to the love of his life being killed by a Coalition Soldier? The answer ... that isn't how it has to be. Allows use of a skill point style of raising skills so that characters can have a wide range of expertise or mediocrity in skill knowledge as would best fit their character concept. Doesn't require changes to any other part of the system.

New & Altered Skills

A new Skill category: Social Skills with information on integrating Trust/Intimidate and Charm/Impress checks with social skills. New skills to stretch your character's horizons.

Questions for Nightbane Character Development

Robotech Additions

New O.C.C.s and mecha for Robotech games. Hand to Hand: Praxian and additional lores for Robotech II: Sentinels chronicle.

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