Favorite Authors (Books & Comic Books)

YA = aimed at Young Adults | V = Strong depictions of violence | S = Depictions of sex (doesn't just fade to black)

Urban Fantasy

More-or-less modern day with magic, mysticism or other fantastical aspects thrown in.

Carrie Vaughn

Discord's Apple

Dragon's Voice

Kitty Norville

Ilona Andrews (Ilona & Gordon Andrews)

Hidden Legacy

Innkeeper Chronicles

Kate Daniels

Jim Butcher

Dresden Files

Nothing like, and much better than, the TV show that was loosely based on it.

J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter

Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson

Alpha & Omega

Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery)

Completely fictional setting or a historic-based setting with other fantastical elements.

Jim Butcher

Codex Alera

The challenge that involved creating a cohesive story based on the idea of combining the themes of a "Lost Roman Legion" and "Pokemon" into something that scarcely resembles either.

Mystery / Suspense


Science Fiction

Futuristic setting, typically with future tech, commentary on society and where it could go (for good or ill).

Ilona Andrews (Ilona & Gordon Andrews)

Kinsmen Series